…is an all around definition for Fez’ activities. Hard to nail exactly what Fez does, but he likes to think of himself as a shill in most cases.

As a musician, he’s an all-star bassist, tasteful & weird guitarist, lousy-to-mediocre pianist, and occasionally sings.

As an actor, he does character roles in various trashy films(links coming soon) & at bizarre events.

As a compere, he’s in a class all his own with burlesque events such as La Fete Fatale & Saddest Music in the World.

As an Absinth pourist, he can recommend & demonstrate the finest of the green fairies to the more daring customers at the Absinthe Depot.

As a player, he’s a relatively modest poker player, a spirited poker croupier, & a baddass blackjack dealer.

As a teacher, he’s tougher than Mr. Hand and imparts wisdom, knowledge & enlightenment on English as a Foreign Language.

As a shill, he brings action to any party, game, location or event he’s in attendance, so be sure to put him plus 2 or 3 on your guestlists.