Aah… Switzerland

Netyherlands, Belgium, then France… all fine and dandy but we were all a bit excited & curious to see Switzerland.

quite splendid scenery heading into der Schweiz

I’d never been to Lausanne, & what a town it was.  It was crawling with fashionable & adorable broads of every shape, & that town definitely had money to burn.

The gig was in an old pre-war cinema called le Bourg, & our dressing room was in the old projection booth:

Peephole slots for the projectors...

We've got power

The hotel was right around the corner from the venue, which is always convenient for afterparty shenanigans.

Mark Lane takes in the view from the balcony with the requisite amount of skepticism

The gig itself was hella cool, small stage with a digital board giving us a boss sound.  Most of the gang retired early trying to stave off the inevitable road-cold, but I ended up closing the place with the crew & going with some locals up to crew’s room for some drinks, card playing & other sundry diversions.

All in all, it was a gas, & none of us were terribly thrilled to leave Switzerland, but we thought hell, the south of France is different than the rest, so let’s give it a whirl, and at noon, we shook some dust and headed to Marseilles…

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