Amsterdam Part One

To do a full recap of the events as they transpired yesterday night in Amsterdam would take much longer than I have before we are to be onstage tonight in Dendermonde, Belgium, so I just wanna put it out there that I have yet to have experienced an “opening night” gig as fantastic as the one we had at the Melkweg last night.  Wow!  hats off to the amazing crew, the cool opening band, the adorable monitor gal Fiona who made us sound sweet to our own ears… and big hats off to Mark, Keko, me, Lana & Rudi for pulling off such an awesome set without any rehearsal other than 6 or 7 songs at soundczeck.

My Kodak moment was looking at the setlist, seeing Romilar D & having to ask Mark Lane “dude, which note does this one start on?”… somehow it all came back & no one was the wiser.

My buddy Troy & some friends accompanied me & the band back to our hotel with the promise of a rollick on the piano in the bar downstairs, only to find the bar closed.  I suggested to the young lad runnign the show that if he didn’t do as I insist & let us in the bar to drink and stain his paino, that we would be forced to party in the room upstairs, & if he had to come tell us to keep it down it would be more work for him.  He didn’t seem to mind, & it was a roc knroll hotel, so… the rest is a blur & I think no pictures were taken.

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