Barcelona – End of Part I

Part One of the tour ended with a real RockRoll Bang in Barcelona.

This is what it was all about!

We arrived in Barcelona the day before, but unfortunately stayed in the outskirts.  So the next day, the whole band went into town for some sightseeing & shopping on a beautiful sunny day.

Then, Keko & I both got fitted with some new expensive kicks!

Then record shopping & other sundry diversions…

Then some grub…

After the awesome gig & the typical hotel shenaningans, most of us went to the Barcelona airport to drink Screwdrivers & play cards then fly back to Berlin…  We’re ll lucky to be alive, & I’m fortunate not to be in jail… pix coming soon!

Hope to see some readers at my birthday party tonight… Torstr. 164, “Wo ist Waldo”