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Upcoming Performances:

SEP 20 • 2013 • FRIDAY
Berlin Burlesque Festival, Wintergarten Varieté – BERLIN • Emcee w/Eve Champagne

SEP 21 • 2013 • SATURDAY
Rocket Roll Festival, Posthalle Würzburg – WÜRZBURG • Burlywolf w/Hurricane Irina

SEP 25 • 2013 • WEDNESDAY
Pinky’s Peepshow, Bassy Club – BERLIN • The Prodigal Son returns as Emcee!

OCT 02 • 2003 • WEDNESDAY
La Fete Fatale, Bassy Club – BERLIN • Fez as Number 6…

OCT 05 • 2013 • SATURDAY
secret location -BERLIN • Fez deals blackjack at the underground Bugsy Club

OCT 13 • 2013 • SUNDAY
Sunday Soirée, Primitiv Bar – BERLIN • Emcee

Plus: upcoming gigs by The Bolshoi Bandits, The Junkyard Jugband, the Baily Legal Affair — watch this space!

The Berlin Burlesque Festival

Ladies and Germans, it has been some months since Herr Wrecker has wielded his silver-tongued lashings on the unsuspecting Publikum of the Burlesque Bereich…
and now he’s back with bells on!!!

Fez will stroll the red-carpet at the Heimathafen on Thursday 19. Sept – in attendance for the newcomer’s night & to support and heckle his Pinky’s cohort Trixie Trainwreck.

On Friday, 20. Sept, Fez will take the mic and don the stage at the legendary Wintergarten Theater together with co-host, the German Queen of Burlesque: EVE CHAMPAGNE for the so-called “Odd Night” of the festival, featuring the more lurid and bizarre acts.

Do czeck it out!

Fez back on the Burlesque circuit in April —

Cha Cha Cha!
After a four-month hibernation, Fez returns to the Burly Action this April with a seasonal slew of sleazy shows:

April 4 – Tübingen, DE – The Last Resort – w/Silk Ribbon Sisters, Rock-n-Tease

April 5 – Kreuz Obermarchtal, DE – Mühlweg – w/Silk Ribbon Sisters, Rock-n-Tease

April 6 – Karlsruhe, DE – Die Kurbel – w/The Roadrunners, Michael Diamond, Silk Ribbon Sisters, Rock-n-Tease

April 21 – Berlin, DE – Wild at Heart – sitting in with April Walz in her solo show (doesn’t sound so solo to me!)

April 24 – Berlin, DE – Bassy Club – Pinky’s Peepshow w/Frank Sanazi & The League of Decadent Bastards

April 27 – Stockholm, SE – Kolingsborg – Berliner Nacht presents “Cold War Cabaret” with Hurricane Irina and more (see flyer!)

April 27 — Stockholm

The Jugband in Action!

This video was captured and stitched together by Frank Liborius at Liborius TV.

This epic paean to rock’n’roll altered states of consciousness was originally penned by The Leaves based on the beat of the legendary Bo Diddley, performed by Fez Wrecker’s Junkyard Jugband at the Urban Spree club in Berlin, 20 January 2013.

Czeck out the epic battle of the sax and harp from Rockin’ Rollo and Iron Curtis Tembeck!

Also features Shaun Mulrooney on e-guitar, Minou Moustache on washboard, Keko Saurus on drums, Handsome Johnny Tony’s-son on the double bass, Yuka Stonedigger on the fiddle…

Fashion Confezzion

photo and ensuing article courtesy of Maren Michaelis. 


Berliner fashion blog babe Maren Michaelis has done a nice little spread about all you’d fear to find from the fashion fuss of Fez.