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Fez in Hamburg, September 2.

You know Herr Wrecker’s reputation for running a good, clean game…

Post blinds & play a few rounds of poker at the Übel und Gefährlich in Hamburg, on Friday.


Update from Chez Wrecker

Currently hunkered down in the Chez Wrecker bunker cooking some recorded tones for your aural lust…

New songs available Sep. 2011



Friends, Romans, countrymen, enemies, lovers, etc.

I’ve done the Russian exit and snuck off to a little strip of strand in the Adriatic with a stunning and cunning little post-coldwar spy… if you don’t hear from me in the next two weeks, I’m either dining with the fish wearing a pair of cement shoes, or I found a gig playing piano at a cheesy tourist beach bar.


Either way, next scheduled performance is 20. July at PINKY’S PEEPSHOW, so you shall see details soon!

THE GNAGNOS – Fete de la Musique

THE GNAGNOS will play a set at Bassy Club on Tuesday at 22:30 as part of the city-wide Fete de la Musique which happens every summer solstice. In addition to Barbecue outside, there will be at least 10 other bands playing through out the day including but not limited to:

Magnificent Brotherhood
Players Rhythm
A Pony Named Olga
Rob Ryan Road Show
Texas Torpedos


Title: The Fuzztones – LIVE IN DEUTSCHLAND
Location: Zwölfzehn – Stuttgart
Link out: Click here
Description: The FUZZTONES are coming zu dein Dorf diese Pfingstenwochenende!!!

Stuttgart, sind Sie bereits für Bigfuzzaction?

Buy Tickets (Vorverkauf):
Start Time: 21:00
Date: 2011-06-10

Bolshoi Bandits in Konzert!!!

Title: Bolshoi Bandits in Konzert!!!
Location: CCCP Club – Berlin
Link out: Click here
Description: FEZ along with cohort BELA PISTOLJET and the BOLSHOI BANDITS will tear up the CCCP Club on FRIDAY May20…

Rosenthalerstr. 71
Start Time: 22:00
Date: 2011-05-20