After 5 years on and off as bassist for the Fuzztones, I am gracefully retiring from the band.
I had an absolute blast playing with the band, especially on this last tour of Spain.
The gigs in Greece got postponed until the following week, and my other obligations have a higher priority at my age these days. I am proud of the work we did and my contributions to the band over these years here in Berlin and all over europe. It was a great run.


  1. Fabri

    Being 1st in the row and not seeing you playing let me disturbed but in same time i’m honored and lucky, all in all i’ve known you.
    The band won’t be the same without its Grand Poobah, i’ve always thought that you and Rudi matched each other on stage.
    I and i’ll miss you!!
    In Fez i trust!!

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