Barcelona to Berlin – End of Part One (continued)

It’s been well over a week since my last entry, & since then a lot of things have changed, with a bit of collateral damage on a 5-day birthday/Halloween weekend in Berlin before commencing PART TWO of the tour.

What can I say about Berlin that hasn’t been said or exaggerated… however most of it is true.  I don’t know how many of the pictures will pass the censor bureau, but they’re still being collected and reviewed.

Let me take it back to the end of PART ONE of the tour… so there we are with a four-hour wait before the plane from Barcelona to Berlin, & with a dizzy buzz from the gig & afterparty the night before, & I’m craving my requisite Bloody Mary, but there’s no bar in the EasyJet terminal, so the gang (Keko, Mark, Steppel, Charis) & I went on a quest in the other terminals until we found a bar that at least had vodka, so we had fresh orange juice screwdrivers & played cards to kill the time while Mark went on his endless quest for payphones & post offices.


Well sauced by the time we sauntered back to the terminal to board the plane, I was doing some drunken duty-free shopping as my companions went to wait by the gate.  As I made my way to them I noticed our party had grown somewhat to include two very fetching blondes from the north of Germany, one of whom had a massive camera in tow, so a few poses were struck & these are the results.

Sprechen Sie Español?

watching the rain in Spain staying mainly on the plane

The sweet smiles of Charis & Mark Lane

Friendly? C'mon, we just met...

Staring contest with Stephanie, the fotograffer

I then went to buy Charis a wine for lassoing these girls into our fold, & I noticed they had tomato juice… the bells went a-whirling, but alas they had no Vodka, so I made bloody Mario’s with whiskey instead.

who ordered the double-cheese & sausage?

Well, after a few more fotos & whatnot, it was time to board, & I still had 3/4 of my drink, so I brought it with & downed it before boarding the bus to the plane.

the white zone is for passenger loading

EasyJet is a no-frills airline & that means no assigned seating, so I ended up in the very back row with a kind German lady & her son.  Once airborne, a few of us switched around & I started a bar in the back making bloody Mary’s all nice & proper like.  In America, I’m sure they would’ve turned the plane around and handed me over to the proper authorities, but I think I was jolly & entertaining enough to the folks around me that no one was too frightened to complain on such a short flight.

I'm sure I was Sonja the stewardess' worst passenger nightmare with my bloody mary demands & slightly suggestive flirtations...

FeZ' Bloody Mary Bar open for business on flight Nr. 69 to Berlin

celebrations galore

We landed without any real incident & secured a ride back to my apartment where there was already a party in progress…

Lord help me, I thought… Isn’t my birthday party tomorrow & don’t I have a lot to organize?

Game on! That’s rock and roll now.

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