Game Changer


I haven’t written much about Omaha, a close second favorite poker game of mine, (the first being Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo). In Europe there aren’t a lot of people brave, experienced or dumb enough to engage in playing Pot Limit Omaha in the casinos, so on the rare occasions I do find a game and I’m sporting a decent bankroll, then I’m in that game like stink on cheese. Last chance I had to play was a single blind 2€ cash game at Lugner City casino in Wien a couple weeks ago…

I saw a play made by a fella which changed my entire perspective on Omaha, and I reckon on poker in general. Omaha is a real gambling game where when you bet big, you win large, but if you sneak into a lot of pots cheaply, you’ll whittle your chiplogs into a toothpick. Squeezing the field is more difficult, so there are more multi-handed flops seen than your average hold em round.

What I learned this day was that winning consistently at Omaha has more to do with the chips you save by folding better hands than the size of the pots you actually win. The pots you rake into your arsenal will provide for a nice fortress, but because you’ll find yourself seeing a higher percentage of flops, turns and rivers, you have to be prepared to fold the nuts to preserve the towers.

I learned this the old fashioned way… by not doing it.

The other come to Jesus or Buddha, etc lesson requires more resolve to not get wound up about the coulda/shoulda/woulda of seeing the rivers of the hands you surrendered. You mucked, walk away.
Don’t get upset, it’s Omaha.

Next chapter… The play by play commentary of said hand.
Next month: cashing out gracefully

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