Happy Anniversary, Fez!

Today is my rock’n’roll Jubiläum! It was on this day in 1983(!) my first band “Outrage”, with fellow punkrockers Glenard Murrell & Robert Leroy Naefke III played 3 songs at Missy Acquirelli’s birthday party on Hill’n’Dale Road in the back yard to a gaggle of fellow 8th graders from Twin Peaks Middle School in Poway, California. Little did mom & pops realize this neat little hobby would be fueling my existence for the next 28 years (and beyond).

(L-R): Fez, Glen Murrell, Robby ‘Gil’ Naefke. The Abramson garage on Calle Colina, Poway, CA.


Wishing Missy a happy birthday and a special toast to Hank & Kris for encouragingly tolerating our noise all those years ago.

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