Hip hip hooray

As a poor batman of modest means, a new MacBook pro is still out of my budget, so I’m determined to raise the dough by winning some modest poker games. Normally, I consider myself an above average cash- game player, but I’m seeking more tournament experience. I got knocked out on Saturday, my pocket kings against pocket aces, but by will alone I set my mind in motion on Monday night at the park inn casino, & with a 100€ buy- in, I swept the field and walked away with over 1100€. Not too shabby. One or two more good wins like that and I’ll me launching rockets from torstrasse… 3 more wins like that,& I’ll consider hanging up the gitarz and going pro, but let’s not get ahead. Bought a new pokertisch for the bar, and saving the rest fir the mac. & it was a brilliant performance, natch.

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