Milano, Ferrara, Bologna

So Friday morning I arrived at Schoenefled airport in good time, my Absinth collection safely contained in proper  international aviation and weed dealer approved ziplock baggies — in my carry-on luggage… nothing to hide here, authorities.


Priority boarding with Ryan Air is nice once you GET IN to the gate room, but the extra security passport czeck to get into the waiting room is every traveller for themselves, so still had an annoying wait.  The benefit of priority boarding was getting to choose an exit-row aisle seat… the only way to travel if you ask me… Leg room + freedom to get up and walk the aisles without climbing over some another agro traveler is a serious bonus… all in exchange for the promise to help women and children first in the case of an emergency… insert joke here.

The darling Artisia Starlight picked me up and we hit the highway for Ferrara, stopping at an Autogrill for a coffee and salad.  Her broken English & my butchered Italian made for a fun ride — we had some great laughs & I learned some key Italian phrases, much to her delight at my using a Mexican accent.

More about the show later… right now off to the Millenium Club in Bologna to rock this towm.

You may hear from me when I make it to Rome, if I can find the right road.

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