On an Evening in Roma

Gonna be awful hard to leave Rome today… what wonderful hospitality, splendid weather, amazing food — reuniting with some lovely friends, getting to know new ones.  I tell you, one can’t ask for more from a business trip in any profession.  Rome will keep a piece of my heart, & I will be back in May with my posse THE GNAGNOS, so lookout Centurions!

The show last night was a true gas & we pulled it off pretty well — especially proud of Yukita Bonita who had her debut as show hostess, & she writhed around on the floor in her Vamp routine, but lost the egg in her panties…


More stories from Rome once this trip is over, but there’s still bigger fish to fry… In a couple of hours, we board for London to enter the dark, seedy world of the Gypsy Hotel, and three days of messy debauchery.


If we live to tell the tale, what tales shall be told

already underway, but yet to unfold…


Be seeing you!

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