Random BeNeLux Shenanigans

The first night is still a blur, but hopefully some pics & videos will eventually surface. The next day was gorgeous weather like the first, but the first signs of chem-trails told us to pack our shite from the Melkweg & get the hell outta Dodge.

Coulda sworn it was the Paradiso… oh no, that’s just the Paradise Wallpaper:

I like truth in advertising… & tasty pie

Faithful crew bonding at rest stops…

Keko, Halb-Thruthan & Steppel...

Before this trip, I hadn’t spent any more than 12 hours in Belgium at one time, & now we spent an entire weekend in a town of 43,000 people, & which is best known for being the town of a famous child murderer… the crew thought all my wisecracks about Belgium being the “Wisconsin” of Europe were an exaggeration until they googled this town, Dendermonde.  Anyway, props out to the promoters for hooking us up in this charming little B&B:

Torenhof B&B

The show was fabulous, the people were great, Belgians are a great audience for sure.  We drank a lot.  Thew next day was full of shopping adventures & the club was kind enough to let us rehearse before packing up our gear… so after 2 gigs on the tour, we finally had our first REHEARSAL!…

Today the sun is shining, & we are off to Sittard in the Netherlands…

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