2:22, where did I put my wine?
Backgammon dice clanging eagerly against the cup’s fuzzy walls
Hammond strains in the speakers
emptied the pistol-seat rider box in the kitchen, stocked the Gran Padano, Verona tomatoes, Greek honey and bottle of Polenkovac – base camp intact & well kept by injured soldier Keko
72 hour reprieve to regroup before the final campaign.

Pocket inventory: good smelling stuff, 2 Bobby pins, 6 sticky guitar picks, torn bit of luckystrike box w/illegible email addy scribbled on, two lighters (probably not mine), random fliers with pinup broads, pack of mini-Napoletane playing cards, unopened condom, 2 Lemoncello chocolates, one black glove, 1 black Sharpie, 2 pieces of Kaugummi, selection of business cards from choice hotels.

I just endured a 13 hour busride done in 11 hours. There’s no functioning guitar in the whole place, the drummers are haggling over a roll of the dice. Someone mentioned Gin a while back. I finally found my wine. I must be in Berlin.

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