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Algeciras, southern Spain

So riding into Algeciras, Vince and I were discussing what he thought was Gibralter across the bay & we’re still not entirely sure. It’s hot here, like Vegas hot. Today Real Madrid was playing Barcelona in football, so we were trying to get done with sound check by 18:00, but no one at the club or in the support band seems too interested, so we didn’t rush too much. Was a fiasco with the Fender amps, but we finally got it sorted and got a killer sound for the stage. We really had a lot of fun checking the sound today since we weren’t in a hurry… Soon we may be doing a Paul Revere and the Raiders toon.

Back at the hotel, an older biker fan found us as we were sitting down to a very mediocre dinner, and brought a stack of LPs for Rudi to sign. Guess we’ll have protection if we need it tonight. Happily we get a rest before the gig, so ima gonna power nap, maybe post some boring travel pictures and foodporn later. Tomorrow we have our only day off of the tour, so I guess we’ll go on a beach hunt and soak some rays.mor go see the monkeys on Gibralter. Tough call.