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After 5 years on and off as bassist for the Fuzztones, I am gracefully retiring from the band.
I had an absolute blast playing with the band, especially on this last tour of Spain.
The gigs in Greece got postponed until the following week, and my other obligations have a higher priority at my age these days. I am proud of the work we did and my contributions to the band over these years here in Berlin and all over europe. It was a great run.

The Villa in Valencia

The potent waft of orange blossom and honeysuckle breezing through this Spanish villa meeting the succulent kitchen contribution of asparagus, cauliflower and artichoke bathing in olive oil from the oversized paella pan in the kitchen where the best parties always end up in an intoxicating diversion from the rigors of the road the last few days.

Our host, Pistola and his amigos graciously invited and led us here. Fortunately, our gig tonight in Villareal is less than a two hour drive, but I guarantee you it will be muy difícil to leave this paradise in the orange groves of Valencia. I could see myself staying here for an extended sabbatical.

Last night’s gig in Valencia at the Durango club was spectacular. The band was on fire, and we had a bevy of Spanish beauties join us onstage to dance for the encore numbers. I’m sure that shit’ll end up on YouTube soon enough.

Certainly I always post about the good times and misadventures, and rarely do I post about the humdrum drives, the bickering, and other everyday routines that go into touring. It seems like it’s all fun and games, but make no mistake, this is WORK. One of the last few nights, some girls were trying to drag us to a disco after party, which fair enough coulda been fun, but my companions and I were somewhat exhausted. I said, “I’d love to come, but we still have work to do now and tomorrow.”

She said (en español) something to the effect of “you only worked two hours tonight” — I really had to think about it, and tried in my broken ‘gringlish’ to explain what went into the alleged two hours of work, which included waking up after 5 hours of sleep, reorganizing the tetris packing of the highway schooner, throwing out trash and cleaning the public van space, driving 6 hours directly to the club, unloading equipment, scrambling to grab a quick sandwich while soundczecking, playing a few songs to get the sound right, stuffing a backpack full of beer and snacks for later consumption, organizing everyone back to the bus, driving around in circles trying to follow an outdated gps to the hotel, checking in, dealing with incompetent and frightened hotel staff, squeezing in a 20 minute power nap, showering, shaving, making ourselves purty, following locals to our designated restaurant, eating a nice dinner then rushing off to the club to start our 2 hour set a half hour late, afterwards, drying off, signing autographs, talking to all the people as best we can with the mishmash of known languages, looking out for our personal bags, coats, equipment, each other, packing equipment from the stage, organizing plans for loading/partying, physically loading the van, Tetris again, all the while trying not to get too fucked up in the process that we can’t find our way back to the hotel… So next time someone says, “you call that WORK?” — I will backhand slap him/her.

That being said, it’s the rare little excursions like this that make it all worth the hassle. 😉



Algeciras, southern Spain

So riding into Algeciras, Vince and I were discussing what he thought was Gibralter across the bay & we’re still not entirely sure. It’s hot here, like Vegas hot. Today Real Madrid was playing Barcelona in football, so we were trying to get done with sound check by 18:00, but no one at the club or in the support band seems too interested, so we didn’t rush too much. Was a fiasco with the Fender amps, but we finally got it sorted and got a killer sound for the stage. We really had a lot of fun checking the sound today since we weren’t in a hurry… Soon we may be doing a Paul Revere and the Raiders toon.

Back at the hotel, an older biker fan found us as we were sitting down to a very mediocre dinner, and brought a stack of LPs for Rudi to sign. Guess we’ll have protection if we need it tonight. Happily we get a rest before the gig, so ima gonna power nap, maybe post some boring travel pictures and foodporn later. Tomorrow we have our only day off of the tour, so I guess we’ll go on a beach hunt and soak some rays.mor go see the monkeys on Gibralter. Tough call.


Somewhere in France, 4:20am

It’s been a busy year so far, so I haven’t done much updating here. But now I’m back in my second home… The Road. Vince Dante, Rob Louwres, driver Eli, Lana, Rudi and your truly.on the way to Spain, we stopped for a sleep in a little town on the way to catch a bit of sleep before hitting the crock’more in Perpignan tomorrow. Since we’re only a few klicks away from the Val des Travers in France, we had a little nightcap party in my Etap room, & shared a glass of LeMercier Amer Absinth to christen the journey which will take us 2.5 weeks all over Spain as far south as Gibraltar. The Fuzztones are promoting the new release of Snake Oil, and are doing a full on rock set as opposed to the more psych shows we’ve done over the past two years. Looking forward to tomorrow night taking the new bass amp for the proverbial spin tomorrow too.

I’ll be posting more on this tour since acquiring my new iPad…(poker has been yielding good results lately), so be forewarned…

In Fuzz we trust,
In Fez, we must!


Bassy Club Berlin

“May the Fourth Be With You”


Location: Bassy Club, Berlin
Schönhauser Allee 176a ï Berlin 10119

…Psychadelic Edition…

Start Time: 21:00
Date: 2011-05-04

FezWrecker, Trixie Trainwreck & Christopher Rose present
a wild evening of bawdy, brassy, burlesque and rock’n’roll…

the electrifying sounds of




the bodacious boom of



with special guest vocalist & birthday girl



Marvelous Burlesque Performance art from



Psychadelic Paisley Fog grooves from



*Brisbanes Buxom Burlesque Bombshell*


Hosted By



Hello Atlantic Ocean!

We arrived in A Coruña today around 3pm, czecked into the NH (Fez’ favorite hotel chain)…I have ethernet connection & a large bathtub.  Mark Lane, my roommate tonight has gone a-wandering with Lana & Rudi who were in search of fresh calamari during siesta time…  Keko & the crew are chilling & napping or some hybrid of both, and even though the sun is shining on the sandy beaches on both sides of the peninsula, I have to protect my new tattoo from those nasty UV rays for at least the rest of the week.

between Vigo y A Coruña

ah, the sea...

approaching A Coruña

Bus-call is at 6pm, & we’ll mosey to the club for load-in & soundczeck, & hopefully find a good paella or local seafood dish in the neighborhood. I’ll take piccies if we do.

tata for now…

the water temperature in the bath should be just perfect about now…

Nougat town

It becomes more difficult being incognito in a French provincial city somewhere just southwest of Paris when a) i speak very poorly when faking it in French, they immediately hear my Louisianian drawl & point their nosehairs in my general direction.

Nevertheless, the squadron landed yesterday here in Nogent le Rotrou on a night off which shoulda been a gig in Paris, but the promoters had blown it some weeks back. I got to see the venue a day ahead, even got the chance to visit a little farm in the countryside with some massive dogs, horses & scooters. Had dinner with the Black Rippers, a local band here who oeganized the festival. Called it an early night & Keko and I played blackgammon & Scopa till 1 or so.

Slept in till 10:50, made it to my 11am appointment & convinced the rather fetching sandy blond Frisseurin to blacken the whitewalls. While i waited she brought me a gardening magazine & a gossip mag. After i thumbed through through the celebpix, she returned to the rack & cutely apoligized & handed me a couple car magazines. They had a good giggle.

On the walk back to the hotel to get ready for soundczeck, i ran into Derek Smalls, the bassist of Spinal Tap.

Then i realized it was only Keko, my drummer, who’d just gotten a Fuzztones makeover. Bravo!

the "before"... Keko wants to fork Mark Lane in the backside...

the "After"

Another nice dinner courtesy of the Rippers, powernap at the hotel, & we go on in 45minutes, so gotta start tilling my hair. Be seeing you, l’Arsenal!

Random BeNeLux Shenanigans

The first night is still a blur, but hopefully some pics & videos will eventually surface. The next day was gorgeous weather like the first, but the first signs of chem-trails told us to pack our shite from the Melkweg & get the hell outta Dodge.

Coulda sworn it was the Paradiso… oh no, that’s just the Paradise Wallpaper:

I like truth in advertising… & tasty pie

Faithful crew bonding at rest stops…

Keko, Halb-Thruthan & Steppel...

Before this trip, I hadn’t spent any more than 12 hours in Belgium at one time, & now we spent an entire weekend in a town of 43,000 people, & which is best known for being the town of a famous child murderer… the crew thought all my wisecracks about Belgium being the “Wisconsin” of Europe were an exaggeration until they googled this town, Dendermonde.  Anyway, props out to the promoters for hooking us up in this charming little B&B:

Torenhof B&B

The show was fabulous, the people were great, Belgians are a great audience for sure.  We drank a lot.  Thew next day was full of shopping adventures & the club was kind enough to let us rehearse before packing up our gear… so after 2 gigs on the tour, we finally had our first REHEARSAL!…

Today the sun is shining, & we are off to Sittard in the Netherlands…