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First gig of The Gnagnos

so there it is… cat’s outta the bag.   What does the modern day dandy do for a mid-life crisis?  Why he forms a new rock band, what else.

Get your tickets at: ohcruditsprobablysoldoutanyway.com

as if there wasn’t enough going on


— the Gnagnos —

the spellbinding & mesmerizing mini-wrecking crew of Berlin have finally allayed forces to save the world with their well-seasoned chops and snotty take on pop culture in the throes of the new century’s blossoming.

My brother of sorts Lenny Svilar does his 6-string thing, Kekosaurus is pounding the kit and singing Italian, while yours truly lays the low flow while giving the whole frontman thing a throw — what the hay, see what happens.

tomorrow night is, well most likely it’s TONIGHT if you’re reading this, gonna be very intimate.

We’ll unleash the power at Poveracci  in Berlin-Mitte

with no-apologies rock&roll.

…powernap… bigdayahead…