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Notes to self on Poker

Tonight successes were due to a few things I did right, may i continue to stick to my gameplans.

Most important, was to only watch & observe first entire round, get to know players betting habits, note the showdowns, look for the tells, find the hell-raisers, stradlers & calling stations, act on them from position after winning a good hand.

First few showdowns establish respect & image, then play chip intimidation. I made some brave calls tonight, one hero call, & any hands I lost i was never drawing dead. I calculated my pot odds well, & kept relatively quiet as the table language was all German & Turkish.

The hand of the evening was getting “der Chef” all in with his open end straight-flush draw against my A-K when a King hit in the flop. Another player was all in with 10s, nothing helped them, me=total scoop — over 170Euros in one hand.

nobody could touch me tonight, I just hit while the iron was hot.

Earnings: 10 to 1 on my intial buy-in.