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After 5 years on and off as bassist for the Fuzztones, I am gracefully retiring from the band.
I had an absolute blast playing with the band, especially on this last tour of Spain.
The gigs in Greece got postponed until the following week, and my other obligations have a higher priority at my age these days. I am proud of the work we did and my contributions to the band over these years here in Berlin and all over europe. It was a great run.

Hotel recommendations in Spain

I’m not one to go plugging businesses very often, though I do occasionally contribute my thoughts and reviews on Qype… But I gotta say, every time the bus pulls up to an NH hotel, or one of their lower priced sister chains like Hesperia, I get very happy. Don’t let the 3 star rating fool you, these places are first class. The rooms vary from bitchen-ass pimped whirlpool tub suites to no-tell motel style, but the breakfasts are always top notch… We’re talking goji berries and fresh squeezed kiwi juice, eggs to order, fresh bread and the heavenly Spanish coffee…

Receptionists are always helpful, and they provide nice amenities like toothbrushes and sponges packaged in day glow orange plastic.

So far, Algeciras h been the highlight of this tour. The audience and the club were fully energized, and the band hit on all cylinders that night… What a crowd, what a night. So many fans who’d travelled to Granada or Madrid in the past to see the band got to see us in their hometown for the first time ever. Pretty frikkin’ cool!

We spent the night in Murcia, where I played poker in the local casino for 2 hours late last night (earning a measly 40€ after playing my aces poorly), and today, my taks are to find a tailor, a laundromat, a music store, and be at soundczeck by 19:00.

Wish me luck!



Algeciras, southern Spain

So riding into Algeciras, Vince and I were discussing what he thought was Gibralter across the bay & we’re still not entirely sure. It’s hot here, like Vegas hot. Today Real Madrid was playing Barcelona in football, so we were trying to get done with sound check by 18:00, but no one at the club or in the support band seems too interested, so we didn’t rush too much. Was a fiasco with the Fender amps, but we finally got it sorted and got a killer sound for the stage. We really had a lot of fun checking the sound today since we weren’t in a hurry… Soon we may be doing a Paul Revere and the Raiders toon.

Back at the hotel, an older biker fan found us as we were sitting down to a very mediocre dinner, and brought a stack of LPs for Rudi to sign. Guess we’ll have protection if we need it tonight. Happily we get a rest before the gig, so ima gonna power nap, maybe post some boring travel pictures and foodporn later. Tomorrow we have our only day off of the tour, so I guess we’ll go on a beach hunt and soak some rays.mor go see the monkeys on Gibralter. Tough call.


Somewhere in France, 4:20am

It’s been a busy year so far, so I haven’t done much updating here. But now I’m back in my second home… The Road. Vince Dante, Rob Louwres, driver Eli, Lana, Rudi and your truly.on the way to Spain, we stopped for a sleep in a little town on the way to catch a bit of sleep before hitting the crock’more in Perpignan tomorrow. Since we’re only a few klicks away from the Val des Travers in France, we had a little nightcap party in my Etap room, & shared a glass of LeMercier Amer Absinth to christen the journey which will take us 2.5 weeks all over Spain as far south as Gibraltar. The Fuzztones are promoting the new release of Snake Oil, and are doing a full on rock set as opposed to the more psych shows we’ve done over the past two years. Looking forward to tomorrow night taking the new bass amp for the proverbial spin tomorrow too.

I’ll be posting more on this tour since acquiring my new iPad…(poker has been yielding good results lately), so be forewarned…

In Fuzz we trust,
In Fez, we must!


Andalusia, the part of Spain that every British holidayer wants to own a timeshare in. What beautiful pastoral landscapes, great old city barrios, & that dusty Spanish feel wherever you go. Siesta culture is fascinating, especially to me coz I consider myself to be an ambitious lazy man… Laziness can be a lot of work.

Hello Atlantic Ocean!

We arrived in A Coruña today around 3pm, czecked into the NH (Fez’ favorite hotel chain)…I have ethernet connection & a large bathtub.  Mark Lane, my roommate tonight has gone a-wandering with Lana & Rudi who were in search of fresh calamari during siesta time…  Keko & the crew are chilling & napping or some hybrid of both, and even though the sun is shining on the sandy beaches on both sides of the peninsula, I have to protect my new tattoo from those nasty UV rays for at least the rest of the week.

between Vigo y A Coruña

ah, the sea...

approaching A Coruña

Bus-call is at 6pm, & we’ll mosey to the club for load-in & soundczeck, & hopefully find a good paella or local seafood dish in the neighborhood. I’ll take piccies if we do.

tata for now…

the water temperature in the bath should be just perfect about now…