The Passing of a dear friend

I just received this news in an e-mail, that a dear friend and colleague of mine, Terrin Durfey recently passed away.  He led a successful battle against melanoma for a long time, but it finally resurfaced and got the best of him.  Actually, anyone who knew him got the best of him, coz he never gave less than his best to everyone.  Terrin & I spent many a day&night together freezing our nuts off in Pine Valley, Borrego, Cuyamaca, Alpine and other various townships all around San Diego county working on film sets & humping furniture.  We also drank, played ball & played music together in various situations.  He wore Chuck Taylor’s at his wedding.

He was a genuine enlightened spirit & he inspired countless people to play music and pursue their art & dreams, and though I haven’t been in touch with him for some years, I’m saddened that he’s left this world, but he’ll surely make the next one better just by being there.

Sleep well, brother.