Fez Wrecker is a Louisiana-born, Berlin-based singer, compere and all around showman. He is a renowned emcee who co-produces and hosts the infamous Pinky’s Peepshow and many other burlesque events all over Europe, an accomplished musician and songwriter, and an entertainer of the highest low-brow class.

Fez Wrecker founded the Junkyard Jugband sometime in late 2011-early 2012, primarily as a vehicle for performing tawdry numbers and songs co-written with April Walz (Runaway Brides) in burlesque-variety shows. The idea was conceived of having an organic orchestra consisting mainly of acoustic instruments and multi-voice harmonies. The Jugband is rooted in the influence of Americana, folk, blues, punk and vaudeville –seamlessly integrating works of Tom Lehrer, Stiv Bators, Ennio Morricone and Steely Dan into their seedy porchlight schtick.

The Junkyard Jugband is a collective revolving cast of renowned performers and musicians, contributing to a sensational sum-of-the-parts under the dictatorship of Herr Wrecker, and appears in all shapes and sizes – from a trio up to 12 people on stage. Some of the all-star band members include the dazzling talents of April Walz (Runaway Brides), Tony Keko (Kalypso Kats, A Pony Named Olga, The Sextress), Curtis Tembeck (The Curtis Tembeck Outlaw Party), Malte Tönißen (the most handsome bass player on the continent), Rollo ver Beethoven (The Butlers, The Toasters).

The band creates a variety style show covering all grounds of musical genre and multi-lingual storytelling, and are guaranteed to make a crowd sweat, smile and go away humming a plethora of sweet and nasty ear-worms.

Their self-produced debut EP, “Harbouring a Deuce,” is available at concert events.