Cirque Rouge – Vienna


24. September 2016

Rote Bar, Volkstheater
Neustiftgasse 1
1070 Wien

Einlass/Beginn: 23:00
Showbeginn: 24:00

Burlesque by:
Dolly Lamour (IT)
Betty Q (PL)
Mara de Nudée (FR)
Kalinka Kalaschnikow (AT)

The Dazzling Daisies (AT)
Fez Wrecker (DE)
Fia Sco (AT)


Rote Bar: TBA

Weißer Salon: The Beam

– Bauchladenmädchen, u.v.m.

VVK € 20.-
AK € 25.-

20ies – 50ies Style

Message in a Bottle – Flaschenpost


If you found this page, you probably received a message in a bottle inviting you to our wedding this summer on the high seas!


If you didn’t manage to pull it out of the bottle, here it is for your viewing pleasure.



Accommodations- Private Apartment

We have reserved several “Fereinwohnungen” or private apartments in Dubrovnik all within walking distance of the ship and the hotel base camp. Some accommodations are small studio and 1 bedroom flats for 2 people with small kitchens, and some are available as double rooms with shared kitchen and bathrooms. We have multiple rentals available in the same apartment buildings, so neighbours will be other wedding guests.


The rooms cost around 100€ for 2 nights per room, that’s 50€  per person for both Friday and Saturday nights.
These are some sample rooms:
Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

To book one of these options, please contact



Slightly more expensive accommodations are available directly in the historic “Old Town” of Dubrovnik. You can search for private apartments or hotels using

These are some samples:

Sample 4

Sample 5

Sample 6
Let us know if you need any help, recommendations or assistance, with finding or booking your rooms.

Travel Options

Getting to Dubrovnik from Europe is relatively simple, especially in summer, and isn’t too expensive. The easiest and cheapest way to get there is to fly. Many discount airline such as Easyjet or German Wings offer reasonable rates. We’ve found that Lufthansa also offers good deals and more comfortable flying.


Other excellent resources for booking and/or comparing different prices (within Europe especially):


Depending on where you are flying from, we also recommend to find cheap travel and/or accommodations in Dubrovnik.


Here is a map with specific locations of the events: EVENT MAP